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Located in the heart of feeding country, Full Circle Cattle Co. in Lakin, Kansas is perfectly positioned to maintain focus on the ultimate goal of cattle production – BEEF.

Taylor Stabel and Jim Jennings have spent their entire careers working together in the feeding industry of southwest Kansas. As manager and cattle manager, respectively, of Kearny County Feeders, these two see nearly 70,000 head of cattle move through the yard each year. But one type easily rises to the top.

“A Charolais-influenced calf is my favorite kind to feed,” Stabel says. “They are simply unmatched in their overall feed performance, growth and cutability.”

So when the opportunity for them to partner together and step into the registered Charolais business presented itself in 2018, it seemed to be a perfect fit. So began Full Circle Cattle Co.

Selling bulls to local producers and offering a buy-back program for the progeny means everyone wins, Stabel says. Not only does it create a consistent source of optimal feeder calves, but at the same time, helps producers capture additional value for their animals.

Neither Stabel nor Jennings grew up with Charolais cattle. Their herd wasn’t passed down through generations or purchased because of childhood memories with white cows. They simply started on this venture because these cattle prove, over and over again, their ability to perform and provide the beef Americans desire.

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