Buyback Program

When you buy a bull from Full Circle, you are getting more than just the animal. You are also receiving our time and knowledge to assist with your operation. We primarily started this business to help provide ourselves with a consistent source of feeder cattle. And as we work to create this source of cattle, we know our efforts can be mutually beneficial for our customers.

Program Criteria

  1. Calves must be sired by Full Circle (FC) bulls.
  2. All calves must be vaccinated twice with BoviGold 5 and Vision 7.
  3. Calves are NOT required to be weaned, but doing so will add further value.
  4. Bulls must be castrated and heifers must be open.
  5. The calves can be marketed either through a local sale barn or by private treaty.
  6. All calves must be tagged with an FC ID tag (complementary with bull purchase).

Benefits for You

  • The ability to:
    • Retain ownership/partner on your cattle through feeding OR
    • Top your local cattle market
  • Marketing assistance from FC staff
  • Knowledge of your cattle performance from start to finish
  • Carcass data on cattle when applicable

Contact Taylor Stabel (620) 260-6815

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